Andrew Huang’s Class So Far

So part of what I hope to do on this blog is chronicle my own journey as a novice producer, so others can hopefully get something out of it. I’m on day 7 of Andrew Huang’s Monthly complete music production course. It’s too early to give a full review but I can let you know… Continue reading Andrew Huang’s Class So Far

Second Look: Problem Chile Riddim

So in second look, I try to highlight riddims that maybe don’t have the current top dj names on their voicings, but the riddim track itself deserves a second look. In general these are riddims that have been presented with the version. Producers, we love when you include the version so please, especially if you’re… Continue reading Second Look: Problem Chile Riddim

Riddims I wish I’d made: Kopa Riddim by Supa Dups

This is a solid, complex riddim that was guaranteed to spark a throw down when you dropped it during a dance. I remember one quincineara I was playing in 2005 where I thought I was going to get run out of the hall. Kopa dropped, shirts were unbuttoned and then ripped off. Grinding commenced, first… Continue reading Riddims I wish I’d made: Kopa Riddim by Supa Dups

Interview With Jamaican Producer Dakrome: “Listeners’ Ears are Moving”

I sat down to a zoom call with top Jamaican producer and vlogger Dakrome to talk about his life, dancehall and producing. Full of energy, the words came tumbling out of him. He radiates positivity and brings an authentic and energetic vibe that is evident in many of his vlogs. With a formidable catalogue already… Continue reading Interview With Jamaican Producer Dakrome: “Listeners’ Ears are Moving”

From Cult to Dancehall: Poco Man Jam

Today, we are going to look at one of the most recognizable and important riddims of all time. Through its various iterations, it has spawned a number of hits and even bigger than that, one of its forms has singlehandedly generated a whole genre of modern music. I’m talking about the Poco Man Jam Riddim,… Continue reading From Cult to Dancehall: Poco Man Jam

Hiphop is Getting to the Truth

This series from the University of Rhode Island examines why Hiphop matters. The second installment (track 2) includes James Haile III, a professor of Philosophy and his writing on Kendrick Lamar and identity:  “Lamar gets us out of the politics of our identities and more to something significantly true.”

What is a “Riddim” or Where Do I Get That Song?

I want to address some basic issues that, as a DJ, people have asked me in regards to urban music in general, and specifically to what is generally called “dancehall” music. I’m not going to go into what really defines something as dancheall at this point, because it can get a little messy, depending on whose… Continue reading What is a “Riddim” or Where Do I Get That Song?